Craig Sweeney – Transact Capital

Craig Sweeney – Transact Capital 150 150 perinagroupptyltd

We have used Perina Group as our preferred contractor for many years now and they have never let us down. They are an extremely efficient and honest company who ensure their customers are kept informed of a jobs progress. It makes my job as a Property Manager a lot easier knowing I can rely on Perina without constant follow up or problems. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Sarah McNamara – MLV

Sarah McNamara – MLV 150 150 perinagroupptyltd

They provide constant communication and are very upfront about the services they are able to provide. I find them to be honest and they don’t overcharge, I also like the fact they don’t charge me for quotes. They contact the tenants/owners for me and I can confidently know I don’t need to constantly follow up or be involved in every conversation to know the job is being done.

Toby Bridges – PIR Commercial

Toby Bridges – PIR Commercial 150 150 perinagroupptyltd

Nothing is too hard for Simon and his dedication to ensuring his clients needs are met quickly and with as little fuss as possible means we trust that jobs will be done on time and budget. Their personal customer service has led to many compliments from our tenants and clients and their recommendations have regularly led to ongoing savings and less downtime.