Work Health & Safety


Empowering Our Staff to Take Ownership

The safety of our employees, contractors and clients is our number one priority. We ensure that we promote and adhere to responsible safety measures and comply with all OH&S industry regulations. Our unwavering duty of care is embedded in our values, organisational culture and operating systems, and is an inherent part of how we carry out our business every day.



The Key to Our
Success is

We have ensured management systems are in place across the business to deliver consistent work whilst maintaining a safe working environment. These systems are embedded into our culture and are exemplified across our departments through the commitment of our personnel.

As a company built upon the principles of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment, we are acutely aware of our responsibilities and take these very seriously. 


Quality is at the root of our business, it reinforces our strong brand in the marketplace, encourages our customer loyalty, and ensures the viability of our business.


The safety of our employees and all persons affected by our activities, is a major priority and must be considered during all work performed by or on behalf of our company.


We are strongly committed the health and well-being of all our employees. We support them by creating an inclusive and flexible work.


We take a proactive approach to environmental management, ensuring we comply with environmental regulations to minimise our impact.


Minimising risk by implementing an effective
Work Health and Safety Management Plan.

We know that all incidents and injuries are preventable, and support this principle by ensuring a strong safety culture, management commitment and leadership and effective risk control.
We have implemented custom SWMS’s for our field staff to provide general guidance on the function, content and application of safe work practices that are required for high risk plumbing, gas and maintenance work.
JSA’s helps us integrate accepted safety and health principles and practices into our day-to-day tasks. Supporting our staff to identify potential hazards and to guide them to the safest way to do complete their job.
We actively pursue the identification of all hazards with a view to elimination or management to the lowest practical risk level by conducting Risk Assessments.
We have in place stringent reporting procedures for our field staff to ensure all near misses and incidents are reported formally. This allows us to address the potential hazards in our workplace and develop safer procedures and training for future works.
As part of our process of managing risk is providing all our staff with the appropriate PPE when performing their duties.
We promote active participation through consultation and communication by encouraging staff to complete Take 5’s and conducting a weekly Toolbox Talk’s to discuss work activities.