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Our Perina Plumbing & Gas Service Team boasts a team of over 15 qualified, well trained and experienced plumbers, and a team of support staff to receive and dispatch work efficiently and effectively.

In addition to our safe and well maintained and latest equipment and tools, we have a fleet of service vehicles fully equipped to undertake any plumbing and gas works to a high quality and safe standard.


Backflow Prevention

We install, test and maintain all types of backflow prevention devices. When your annual backflow test is due give us a call and we will take care or the rest.
Backflow is a reversal of the normal direction of water flow in a water supply plumbing system. It occurs when the water delivery main is at a lower pressure than the internal plumbing system (back siphonage). Back siphonage can occur when there is a burst or ruptured water main, or due to excessive demand during fire-fighting operations or other periods of high demand.

Backflow can also occur if a water pump, such as a bore pump, is cross connected to the internal water plumbing system, and is pumping bore water at a higher pressure than the water mains pressure (back pressure). If a property’s drinking water supply is inadvertently connected with a source of pollution, either through a cross connection or simply a hose submerged in a container of liquid, then these pollutants could enter the water supply when there is an overpressure on the private property side or a sudden drop in water mains pressure.

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The backflow prevention device must be installed on your side of the water connection at the boundary of your property. Devices should not be buried in the ground, or installed in a pit or chamber and must be registered with the WA Water Corp.
The on-going testing and maintenance of a backflow prevention device is the responsibility of the property owner or occupier. They require testing at commissioning, after any maintenance and every 12 months.
Because of the potentially serious nature of a backflow incident the WA Water Corp have the power to issue penalties and restrict or disconnect water services if obligations are not met at the property.

Specialists Backflow Services

01/Device Installation

Installation and commissioning of your backflow prevention device on your property.

02/Device Testing

Annual Backflow Prevention Test Inspection and Maintenance report.​

03/Device Maintenance

Repairs and maintenance to backflow installations as required.


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