Sponsorship of Aman for Cyril Edwards Charity

This is the little guy you have been supporting with his little sister and with his kitten.

Just a short update from our trip to India in October. As always, it was wonderful to spend time with Adi and Pradeep and their three children, Pradeep’s parents – Swami and Pami who started the orphanage many years ago, the other Indian folk who help in the orphanage and in the dairy, also quite a large number people from outlying villages who are connected with HIM and had come to Mussoorie for the conference whilst we were there, and of course all the children being cared for at the orphanage (Lancer Lodge).

It is always a very humbling experience to see the selfless way Adi and Pradeep have invested their lives to love and care for the children. It is wonderful to see the way the children are thriving in the loving and healthy environment and developing both educationally and emotionally.

In the past seven years we have seen two of the girls who grew up at Lancer Lodge become qualified nurses, another girl is now studying nursing and one boy is now teaching and hoping to do further studies. Some of the younger ones tell us about their dreams to become a nurse or a teacher or an accountant etc etc or to play cricket for India J It is so good that they can dream and have a chance of achieving some of their dreams.

The “Cow Project” continues to thrive and to provide good milk for those at the orphanage and for sale to a shop and to neighbours.

We weren’t able to get letters from the children this time as it was exam time so they were studying, however I was able to take photos of each child.

As we approach Christmas we would like to wish you joy and peace as you enjoy family time and every blessing for the New Year. Thank you once again for your love and generosity for the children.

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